Seafox orders Oceanus Water treatment


Seafox has placed an order with Hatenboer-Water for two Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. The standard RO water makers will desalinate seawater into potable water on their Seafox 7 platform, which is used for accommodation, construction, maintenance and well services.


The robust standard RO’s, named Oceanus, can produce up to 30 cubic meters of fresh drinking water per day. Seafox representative Ewald Hoogendijck “We have selected these particular units from Dutch water specialist Hatenboer-Water because of their proven quality, reliability and fast delivery times”. 

Seafox 7

Seafox 7 is a four-legged, self-elevating jack-up platform. It is specifically designed to withstand harsh offshore conditions and operates in water depths of up to 40 meters. 113 Persons can permanently be accommodated on board.