Special edition Hadex dosing unit: Rijkswaterstaat


We’ve just finished development of a central Hadex® dosing unit together with and for our client Rijkswaterstaat.

This special edition unit was developed together with our client in order to be placed at their Duivelseiland location (near Dordrecht).

Special edition       

What is so special about this dosing unit, compared to the thousands of water disinfection dosing units we’ve delivered to maritime clients over the past 20 years?

Well, for starters it represents a truly unique cooperation. Rijkswaterstaat has been our Water Quality client for sampling & analysing duties for a long time, so they came to us with a special request. Our Water Quality consultant Martin Storm joined forces with his Rijkswaterstaat partner René Manse and together they came up with a new concept. A unit designed specifically for use at a central Rijkswaterstaat quay side bunkering location. Here, fresh water is provided for their fleet. Water of excellent quality, but conditioning is still required in order ensure it remains safe for a long period of time. Each vessel that comes to collect water will now be able to use the dosing unit to add the exact amount of Hadex® required for their freshwater intake.

Adding Hadex® ensures the water stays fresh and can be used safely on board for showering, drinking, cleaning, coffee making etcetera. This type of water conditioning keeps the water free from bacteria such as Legionella. 

Water Safety Plan                                                                  

The Rijkswaterstaat vessels each have their own water management programme (Water Safety Plan) detailing water maintenance duties and regulations, as required by the World Health Organisation. A test kit and Legionella control measures are included in the programme.

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In order to keep water safe and healthy for a long period of time, Hadex® uses the safe and highly effective additive sodium hypochlorite. It’s been CTGB-approved as being safe for consumption and processing of water for different types of applications.

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