Unique Legionella test kits offering results in 48 hours



Water technology partners Hatenboer-Water and Diamidex / C4Hydro introduce maritime Legionella test kits. Contrary to other Legionella test kits, these kits selectively detect all living, pathogenic Legionella pneumophila bacteria in water supply systems. For use on board, offering clear results within 48 hours.

The CNRS-patented Diamidex/C4Hydro technique enables fast and reliable detection of microbes, selecting the dangerous, living Legionella pneumophila bacteria from amongst the harmless Legionella varieties which normally reside in water.

This unique way of testing is patented by Diamidex/C4Hydro. It uses the metabolic and physical properties of living cells in order to mark and identify them. This selective identification offers its visible results on-site within 48 hours, saving time needed for lab transportation as well as lab dependency. This fast result further enables quick action to be taken when required. 

The Legionella test kit series comprises of a water test kit for single use or a water test kit that can deal up to six tests simultaneously. For more information, please visit the web page on the Legionella test kits, the dedicated water quality web pages or contact one of our water quality experts.

About Diamidex / C4Hydro

Diamidex / C4Hydro specialises in waterborne health risks, in particular in the strategic monitoring of microorganisms in water systems. The solutions developed by Diamidex / C4Hydro are user friendly tools for sanitary risks monitoring. With the new EZ Legionella test kits offering results in 48 hours, Hatenboer-Water aims to provide shipmanagement with the equipment needed to protect crew and passengers from possible Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks.