Vote for SEACOR Marine: reduction of plastic waste using safe water on board (SWOB)


SEACOR Marine has been shortlisted for the Offshore Support Journal (OSJ) Environmental Award 2023 for the “Reduction of Plastic Waste Using Hatenboer-Water’s Safe Water on Board (SWOB)” initiative.

Environmental Award 2023 

SEACOR Marine wants to reduce the plastic waste produced by its fleet and offices and eventually phase out the use of plastic bottled drinking water and the single-use cups that are often used with drinking fountains. Whether loading water from the shoreside or relying on onboard water production, a tailormade set of filters and water bottle filling stations will be installed on board to provide 100% safe purified cooled drinking water. Since its implementation in 2021, SEACOR has piloted the SWOB system on five of its vessels. The water bottle filling station logs the number of plastic bottles saved by its use and SEACOR records this on Helm digital record-keeping system. It expects to save around 17,000 plastic bottles by end of 2022.

Bring out your vote

If you have a moment, we would appreciate your vote! Please visit the VOTING PAGE on the OSJ website where you can read more about the SWOB initiative and cast your vote. Voting ends on Friday 13th January.