On fishing trawlers, space for equipment is tight. A watermaker is a perfect alternative to large water storage tanks. 

Hoekman Shipbuilding and Padmos Shipyard are currently constructing 3 state of the art beam trawlers, incorporating our standard Tethys watermakers into the package. The Tethys units will provide the trawler crew with fresh water for consumption and sanitation purposes.
We’re proud to be their water partners!

Reverse Osmosis: a smart alternative     

Reverse osmosis is an efficient alternative to water bunkering or an evaporator: economical in terms of space and time, since bunkering stops are no longer needed. And, contrary to evaporators, it will always be able to produce water whenever you need it. Read more about Reverse Osmosis technology applied in water treatment here

Looking for a watermaker for your vessel?    

Contact our product manager Mascha Hammink to find out more! She’ll gladly inform you about the options of our off-the-shelf- Reverse Osmosis watermakers for your vessel and crew.