Water quality services in times of COVID-19 outbreak


Given the current measures required to control the COVID-19 outbreak in the Netherlands, we want to let you know we are here for you and your water quality assistance. Safe water is essential for the functioning of all your vital processes and we acknowledge this with utmost responsibility. However, just like everyone else, we need to take special care these days.

For your protection as well as of our employees, we follow the national RIVM guidelines and governmental decrees and change our protocols accordingl

1. We minimise personal contact in the following ways:

  1. Passports, ID cards, etc will only be shown to others, not handed over for inspection.
  2. Handshaking is not permitted.
  3. Sample takers wear disposable gloves at all times.
  4. Whenever sample takers need to be guided by one of your crew members, then this can only be done by a healthy crew member. Please respect the required distance.
  5. Since we are working in a digital environment, the sample takers are not allowed to share their phones with you for signing of workorders. A vocal agreement will be accepted by us and will need to be sufficient for you for the time being. A digital version of our workorder is always emailed to you afterwards.
  6. We can offer you the use of a sample kit in order to minimise contact even more. Instructions for self-sampling and use of sample kits are available. As with all your questions, keep contacting us by phone or E-mail for further help and information.

2. Access to terminals and vessels: should the situation on board change in any way at the berthing location of your vessel then we please ask you to keep us informed.

We kindly ask your cooperation and respect for the abovementioned measures. Please contact us when questions or comments arise: analysis@hatenboer-water.com