Water safety: flushing, Legionella and more


We’re all returning to (partly) unused facilities. But is the water safe?      

COVID-19 measures restrict our daily lives. Out of these, drinking water quality is probably not the first item on your checklist for returning to the office or other facilities. Let us direct your attention to this important issue.

You’ve been busy, but your water supply feels a bit neglected      

In such periods of less or no activity, water facilities in buildings suffer in their own way. Think of water mains in schools, restaurants, sports and swimming facilities or office buildings. Taste, color and water quality will deteriorate in these conditions, depending on contamination and fouling conditions.

Is a little rinse of the taps enough to keep you, your colleagues, children or visitors safe? As you’ve probably guessed, you will need to do a little better than that. We're sharing our tips, advice and more in our white paper - contact us in order to receive it in your mailbox. 

Click here for additional information (in Dutch) on the site of our Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. 

Return safely to your work and recreation environments. We will help you with the water quality part!  

What is your water quality challenge? Let us help you find the safe solution for your facilites