Online consultancy

Are you limiting the number of people onboard your vessel? Water management remains, now more than ever due to unused or less used vessel areas - a key health issue for you and your crew.      

Even if we are unable to visit your vessel due to temporary restrictions, we can still provide you with advice on how to limit contamination risks through a proper remote analysis.

How it's done   

We provide desktop risk analysis based on the vessels drawings of the piping system, the available water treatment and the most recent water analysis. Keeping your piping system free from contamination is crucial for a safe environment on board.

More information about water quality support      

Do you need information or assistance for water quality topics such as water samplingcleaning and disinfection or troubleshooting issues? Have you already got a proper water management plan set up for your vessel? Rely on our expertise; with well over a century of water experience, we are here to help and assist: contact our water consultants for advice on the best solution for you.