Add filters to your showers and drinking water in order to prevent contamination and improve water taste. Proper filtration also prevents damage or blockage of water mains, reducing maintenance and discomfort.

For filtration, softening or reverse osmosis, Everpure provides the most consistent water quality anywhere on board of your ship, vessel or rig. Important for taste, appearance and odour of drinking water but equally important for the protection of galley equipment used for brewing, baking, steaming, beverage production, fountains, ice cube production and dishwashing. 

Maritime Bottle Filling Stations

Reduce plastic waste on board     

Our Hatenboer-Water drinking water bottle fillings stations use water bunkered or produced on your vessel, which is far less expensive than using disposable water bottles. And what to think of savings due to reduced (none) handling? Make the switch today to a better and safer alternative with our hands free water station and stainless steel bottles which are designed for use in maritime environments.

Read the specs of the contact free water bottle filling stations. When you are interested how it fits in your vessel's lay-out or what your saving could be for your organisation please contact us or check the information on our Plastic-Free @Sea concept.

Bring an immediate halt to the investment and handling of high volumes of water bottles, choose the green alternative. 


Food and beverage, food processing industries    

Filtration, softening or reverse osmosis treatment for consistent and reliable water quality at each user point. Perfect for high end galley equipment.


Compact filter that fits snugly in water mains for sinks or ice makers. It removes chlorine, rust and sediment, improving water taste and odor.

T-safe Legionella filter   

Use for safe water tap points. For example in order to protect onboard showers from Legionella. Durable, WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved, CE-marked.

  • PDS T-safe Legionella filter

    Download onze PDS voor de T-safe Legionella filter (PDF - 1,4 MB)


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  • World wide support & service, on- and offshore

    Need assistance? Our offices in Rotterdam, Singapore, Dubai and Houston and globally operating support and consultancy professionals are happy to assist you with water quality issues, (pre) commissioning or re-commisioning, surveys, midlife updates and conservation or chemical cleaning advice. Rely on their extensive knowledge and experience; they are experienced in handling support issues in all kinds of environments. In addition, they can train and assist your crew at your site in order to help you achieve optimal operation and maintenance conditions. 

    Our international support and consultancy services related to water quality include water safety risk analyses, sampling, water analyses and training.

  • What are the advantages of a service agreement?

    With a service agreement, maintenance sessions are scheduled in advance, equipment is kept in optimal working order and your maintenance budget is kept to a minimum with reduced service rates.

  • Why order a performance survey report?

    Our survey report gives you a detailed insight in the state of the system, its components and your water quality as well as maintenance and optimisation indications.