Potable water 445+ stabiliser

Our potable water 445+ inhibitor is a concentrated liquid product, developed especially for the prevention of corrosion and scaling in drinking water systems.

The HW water stabiliser 445+ is a approved product to use in a drinking water system and typically dosed with a Hatenboer-Water PDU dosing unit. Packaged in a 25 litre poly can.

Part number Description Packing
0950-HW445+ HW-water stabiliser 445+ corrosion inhibitor for drinking water 22 ltr/can (22 kg)
  • PDS Water stabiliser 445+

    Download our datasheet (PDF - 630 KB)

Material data sheet available upon request.


Why use our 445+ stabiliser

  • Prevent scaling
  • Control corrosion
  • Developed for drinking water