Potable water dosing units

The potable water dosing unit is designed to prevent and stop corrosion in potable water systems. Corrosion does not only cause “brown” water out of taps and reduction of internal piping diameters, it is also a breeding ground for all kind of bacteria, as e.g. Legionella.

It is important to prevent corrosion in order to ensure you have clean and safe drinking water. The Potable Water Dosing Unit operates completely automatic by use of a metering device which controls this dosing pump proportionally to the flow.

The HW Stabiliser 445+ is an approved chemical for application in drinking water systems. It is packaged in standard 25 litre poly cans. Preferably, the potable water dosing unit is installed directly downstream the potable water hydrophore pumps and upstream the hydrophore tank.

Technical data  
Frame Powder coated steel
Power Supply 230V/50-60Hz
Power Consumption 22 W max
Alarm available Low level
  • PDS PDU dosing unit

    Download our datasheet (PDF - 328 KB)


Why use our potable water dosing units

  • Prevents and stops corrosion
  • Approved for drinking water systems
  • Flow controlled dosing units
  • Compact installation
  • Easy to install