Pressure sets

Our hydrophore units control the water pressure in your water supply system. This way, you can be sure water is provided at every user point at the required pressure.    

The sets are complete, assembled by our in-house production professionals and reliable. Used for decades by clients around the world, our economical pressure boosting systems stabilise safe and steady fresh water distribution.

Skid built hydrophore units

The system comprises one or multiple pumps built on a stainless steel base plate with a control panel, non-return valves, pressure transmitter, pressure gauge and pressure vessel. In addition, the control cabinet can be either mounted on the skid or supplied separately as per your wishes.

Choose from a range of options:

Frequency controlled pumps

Next to the hydrophore units comprising pumps and a pressure vessel, you can also contact Hatenboer-Water for pressurisation on board by means of the latest frequency controlled pumps: pump sets that immediately react according to the demand. They serve as an energy efficient alternative to the hydrophore system: saving costs and ensuring continuous supply of water under the right pressure on board.