Pressurisation units

Make sure proper pressure is maintained in all the right places in your water supply with our drinking water pressurisation units. Our pressurisation units are assembled by our own experienced production professionals, in accordance with your requirements and conditions.   

We're happy to offer you many options in terms of equipment and configuration. Choose from our extensive water pressure booster range, which includes self-priming pumps, frequency controlled centrifugal pumps as well as water pressurisation units for fire fighting or complete hydrophore systems

Skid-built hydrophore pressurisation sets   

Our hydrophore skids includes all required parts and a control panel. Choose from options such as normal or self priming hydrophore pumps, in different material options for both pumps and vessels. 

Drinking water pressurisation units   

Make sure the pressure in your drinking water treatment installation is always at the correct level with our quality solutions. Complete water pressurisation units including a choice of pumps, in a variety of materials suitable to your requirements including bronze, stainless steel or titanium.  

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