Point-of-Use Filtration

Hatenboer-Water recognizes the importance of providing freely accessible water on board in compliance with the MLC 2006. Our point-of-use filtration solutions offer convenient and cost-effective way to ensure a continuous supply of fresh water. By connecting our Maritime Water Bottle Filling Station directly to the water mains and incorporating advanced filtration, we enhance the taste of water while safeguarding against contaminants.

Hatenboer-Water Point-of-Use filtration solutions:

Consume bunkered or produced water and reduce plastic waste on board.

Make a sustainable choice for your vessel’s water supply by embracing our 24/7 cooled and filtered water solutions. Our Hatenboer-Water drinking water bottle filling station allows you to consume bunkered or produced water on board, significantly reducing plastic waste and operating costs associated with disposable water bottles.

Why choose Hatenboer-Water Maritime Bottle Filling Station?

  • 24/7 Cooled and filtered water
  • Cooling capacity of 30 ltr/h
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly
  • Utilize bunkered or produced water, reducing expenses and environmental impact.
  • Minimize handling costs and contribute to a plastic-free environment.
  • Hands-free activation
  • Activate the station hands-free, promoting hygiene and safety on board.
  • Integrated basic water filter
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel maritime design
  • Easy to install by crew
  • Our station counts saved water bottles; allowing you to quantify your positive environmental impact
  • Reusable stainless steel Hatenboer-Water bottles
    • 530 ml Stainless Steel water bottle
    • Non-toxic, BPA-free and FDA approved
    • Dishwasher proof and designed for durability
    • Double insulated, keeping water cold for up to 12 hours
    • Durable powder coating design



Read the specs of the contact-free water bottle filling station. For personalized advice regarding potential savings for your organization, contact us or check the information on our Plastic Free @ Sea concept.

Choose the green alternative and put an immediate halt to the investment and handling of high volumes of water bottles. Hatenboer-Water is your partner in providing a better, safer, and more sustainable onboard water solution.

Small, compact, and stylish.

The countertop bottle filling station ensures a constant supply of chilled water, directly connected to the drinking water distribution system. This eliminates the need for purchasing, storing, and replacing water bottles, leading to significant cost savings.

In locations where the drinking water quality is questionable, the cooler can be equipped with advanced filtration systems providing fresh and safe water 24/7. Its stylish and compact design makes it particularly suitable for maritime use, where space is limited. Due to the compact size, this cooler is mostly found on the bridge and accompanied by the MRS225 Reverse Osmosis filtration unit.

In the maritime industry, Legionella outbreak poses significant risk to both crew members and operational efficiency. Recognizing these challenges, our product range now includes the innovative Legionella shower head, a crucial component designed to address the consequences of Legionella contamination on board.

Key Features

  • Emergency Legionella Filtration

    • The Legionella shower head goes beyond conventional designs, providing an emergency solution specifically engineered to filter out Legionella bacteria swiftly.

  • Temporary intervention for optimal protection

    • During a Legionella outbreak, the shower head acts as a reliable barrier, safeguarding the health of your crew. It is a temporary intervention measure until the contamination issue is resolved.

  • Standard procedure with UF filter
    • By replacing the dummy filter with an ultrafiltration (UF) filter, a standard procedure can be established, ensuring continuous protection for the crew until the Legionella contamination is effectively addressed.

  • Versatile usage for safe water tap points
    • Suitable for safeguarding various water tap points, the Legionella shower head is particularly effective in protecting showers from Legionella contamination.

  • Durable and compliance assured
    • The Legionella hand shower, Cito chrome end Legionella wall shower,

      Elegance Solution, are both durable and compliant. They are WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved and CE-marked, assuring their quality and adherence to regulatory standards.

Invest in the Legionella shower head and/or wall shower as a proactive measure to protect your crew and maintain operational during Legionella outbreaks.

Everpure water filters provide the most consistent water filtration anywhere on board of your ship, vessel, or rig. Whether you require filtration, softening, or Reverse Osmosis at the entry of the tap point, Everpure delivers consistent results, especially for high-end galley equipment.

Our range of Everpure water filters:

  1. Precoat filters for drinking water.
  2. Fibredyne water filters for drink fountains.
  3. Microguard filters for optimal reduction of bacteria and viruses.
  4. Scale control combination filters; reduces lime scale, extending the life of equipment.
  5. Claris water filters; precise adjustment of carbonate hardness; perfect for catering equipment.
  6. Claris Ultra filters; offers superior softening and sequestering of water; ideal for for steam ovens with an integrated boiler.
  7. MRS reverse osmosis module; RO technology combined with blended filtered water for food service applications.


Why choose Everpure water filters:

  1. Improve taste and reduce odors
  2. Prevent limescale
  3. Complete galley solutions
  4. Easy to maintain and use
  5. Everpure is the number one water filtration solution for worldwide maritime use

Hatenboer-Water: your official Everpure dealer of the Everpure Sales Programme

Everpure MRS-225 Point-of-Use Reverse Osmosis System

Configurable system that delivers reverse osmosis or blended water for multiple foodservice applications. This controlled re-mineralization is desirable for coffee and other applications that require some hardness to achieve optimum results.

Features – key benefits

  • Capacity of 30 ltr/h
  • Removes everything except H2O
  • Adds essential minerals
  • Easy to install by crew
  • Yearly change-out of filters
  • High quality and durable build

Safe water on the spot, a Point-of-Use filtration solution.

The Complete Set, the Plastic Free @Sea solution

Everpure MRS 225 Point-of-Use Filtration Reverse Osmosis system combined with a Maritime Bottle Filling Station.

Features – key benefits

  • Easy to install by crew, including connection set
  • Available in all voltages and frequencies
  • Stable water quality 24/7 under extreme conditions
  • Safe water from the Water Bottle Filling Station
  • Fits every type of vessel (1 solution for all)
  • Quality is easily monitored by crew
  • Can motivate crew even under more to consume from the Water Bottle Filling Station


By placing a Maritime Bottle Filling Station combining filtration, chilling and touch-free filling reusable marine water bottles you achieve the following benefits:


  • Improve water taste and odor
  • Remove any pollutions
  • Constantly chilled water
  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Less spending on single-use plastic bottles

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