Standard Reverse Osmosis drinking water treatment

Top quality solutions can now be cost-effective. Clean drinking water on board is essential for your crew’s health and obligatory according to worldwide WHO health standards.  

Excellent quality for your money: Reverse osmosis water filtration system    

Our Reverse Osmosis (RO) seawater desalination systems produce safe drinking water on board. Over the last decade, RO has proven to be a reliable technology for production of high quality drinking water, requiring  minimal post treatment needs. The energy consumption is relatively low, maintenance is  limited and can be performed by the crew. Combined, these advantages result in a low Total Cost of Ownership for your water production.

Plug & play, economical reverse osmosis drinking water treatment     

Durable and sturdy in its design, your Hatenboer-Water system always complies with our renowned quality criteria. We offer standard series as well as custom-built solutions designed according to your specifications. Our standard series Oceanus, Proteus and Tethys offer a plug & play, economical and quickly supplied alternative to more traditional solutions, making high quality drinking water management available to all clients. These units can be rented out to your facilites for a short or longterm period. 

Options for standard Reverse Osmosis units     

Download documentation about our standard Reverse Osmosis water makers

  • Brochure Reverse Osmosis Water Makers

    Download our brochure (PDF - 3,7 MB)

  • PDS Water Maker RO type Standard Series Oceanus

    Download datasheet (PDF - 2,08 MB)

  • PDS Water Maker RO type Standard Series Proteus

    Download datasheet (PDF - 3,95 MB)

  • PDS Water Maker RO type Standard Series Tethys

    Download datasheet (PDF - 1,9 MB)


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