River water cooler

On board, a supply point of fresh water is mandatory according to MLC regulations. Our River water coolers are encased in hygienic stainless steel (AISI316) material and connected directly to the water mains, perfect for maritime environments. Fresh, clean and chilled water on the spot!

Superior drinking water quality     

The River drinking water cooler can be equipped with a stainless steel HIS filter house and Supercarb filter element for superior drink water quality. This filter removes deposits, improves smell and taste and prevents bacterial growth.

  • PDS River water cooler

    Download our datasheet (PDF - 1.5 MB)


Why choose our River water cooler    

  • Continuously cooled water
  • Two practical taps
  • Heavy duty maritime model
  • Capacities up to 50 litres per hour
  • High hygiene standards
  • Plug & play set up