Shock proof water makers

An explosion occurring in the vicinity of your vessel could potentially cause serious damage to your onboard machinery. Meeting navy guidelines, our shock proof water treatment installations are designed to continuously produce fresh water during shocks of up to 20-G force.

Designed to be stable and reliable   

Our robust water production unit is designed to be low maintenance and durable in its supply of fresh water during long sea journeys. For the seawater desalination process, it uses reliable Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology. RO has proven itself to be an economical treatment method in terms of investment and running costs.

  • Brochure Safe Water On Board

    Download brochure (PDF -  3,16 MB)

  • Brochure RO installations

    Download our Reverse Osmosis brochure (PDF - 707 KB)


Why choose our shock proof water makers 

  • Unsurpassed equipment quality
  • Standalone and reliable system
  • Durable and safe
  • Heavy duty design
  • Tried & tested in high risk environments

Why choose Hatenboer-Water

We know your waters, and have done so for over a century. Rely on our specialist expertise, in-house engineering, design and our professional and modern assembly facilities for the highest quality standard in a solution that is exactly right for you.