T-Safe Legionella filter

Our T-Safe Legionella filter filters tap and shower water in order to protect your crew against infection from pathogenic bacteria. It is based on hollow fibertechnology, with a 0.15 μm membrane filter. 

Whenever you struggle with a sudden or potential outbreak of Legionella, you need to quickly create a safe water point. The T-Safe® is a fast and efficient solution for this, reducing the Legionella log to 107 per cm2, which meets the pharmaceutical sterility requirements. 

The filter can be used for a period of up to 3 months from its initial use, which makes it an economical solution. All materials used in the T-Safe® products are approved by WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) and all T-Safe® products are CE marked. 

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Why choose our T-safe Legionella filter?

  • Prevent Legionella risk instantly

  • Quickly create safe tap points

  • Water filtration capacity: 5000 liters

  • Water and energy savings

Download documentation on our Legionella T-safe filter

  • PDS T-safe Legionella filter

    Download onze PDS voor de T-safe Legionella filter (PDF - 1,4 MB)