Need to ensure proper equipment preservation during down time? Whenever industrial facilities are shut down for a particular period of time, for example due to maintenance or overhaul, systems are shut down and mothballing of equipment is required. Our service engineers take care of all storage and conservation measures efficiently.     

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  • What to expect from our conservation service?

    Mothballing your water maker requires conservation of all components and operational system parts. It can be performed with a minimal number of persons and maintenance hours, swiftly and efficiently.   

  • What are the advantages of our conservation service?

    In addition to freeing up your hands for other tasks, our cold stacking service reduces costs for maintenance and attention during long downtime periods. Furthermore, it smooths up the progress for future re-commissioning of the water treatment system.     

  • Which components need to be mothballed?

    - multimedia filters

    - dosing systems

    - pumps

    - membranes

    - cartridge filters

    - piping

    - mineralising filters

    - UV disinfection systems