Service agreements

Peace of mind with our complete care package. As technology on board gets more complex and crews are downsized, maintenance and efficient running of your systems are paramount. Let us service your water treatment installation with regular care sessions. Keeping you going and your onboard water supplies safe.        

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  • What to expect from our service agreements?

    Our care packages are always tailored to your needs and should be performed at least once yearly. During a service visit, our service engineers will perform operational maintenance and alarm checks. The check list with client specific issues is the starting point for their expert advice and action plan. 

  • What are the advantages of a service agreement?

    With a service agreement, maintenance sessions are scheduled in advance, equipment is kept in optimal working order and your maintenance budget is kept to a minimum with reduced service rates.

  • Service agreement outline
    • Checks with relevant staff
    • Administrative checks (PI&D)
    • Operational running check against specs
    • Administrative & operational check
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Calibration of instrumentation
    • (Chemical) membrane cleaning
    • Operational and maintenance training
    • Spare parts inventory & advice
    • Maintenance report including all details