Water monitoring system

Signal discrepancies and potential problems early on by analysing data from our water monitoring system. Early detection means you can take appropriate measures and keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.     

Easy to access water quality monitoring system, offering you a quick performance overview of your water installation.       

Prevention is always better than a cure    

With our water monitoring system, you can track efficiency and performance remotely. Detect irregularities in the logsheet data on time, so you can act upon them as required and prevent interruptions. A cost-effective way of giving you more operational control.  

User-friendly smart water monitoring system    

Our smart water quality monitoring system is easy to access, with extensive logsheets that offer you a quick overview of the parameters related to your water system performance. There's no need to install a software package for this; you can easily access and check the water monitoring system data through the internet.  

Drinking water courses and technical training options        

Participate in our courses on drinking water management or technical operator issues and increase your water safety knowledge. Learn about clean and safe potable water conditions on board and acquite the knowledge for prevention of polution and potential health threats such as Legionella. Our water quality experts and technical support professionals are experienced and highly knowledgeable. They are able to assess your situation and advise you on the optimal course of action. Our training sessions are organised in theoretical yet interactive settings or hands-on practical instructions. 

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  • Why monitor your water maker’s performance?

    Inefficient and unreliable operation of your water treatment installation can be avoided if data is tracked and monitored online.      

  • Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership

    The energy consumption of the Reverse Osmosis unit is relatively low, maintenance is limited and can normally be performed by your crew. Combined with the relatively limited amount of post treatment, these factors result in a low Total Cost of Ownership for your desalination and water treatment equipment.