UV water disinfection

Applying ultraviolet (UV) light for disinfection of drinking water is a proven, chemical free, environmentally friendly and sustainable method for killing pathogens and microorganisms in your (drinking or process) water on board.    

    For us, as UV water disinfection specialists, the challenge is always to design the most effective UV water disinfection systems for your specific application. In fact, that is what we do best: providing you with the optimal solutions for the toughest water disinfection challenges. Are you looking for UV water disinfection treatment equipment, as an environmentally friendly alternative of traditional disinfectants? Contact us for more information!


      Hatenboer-Water’s experts select system material not only based on water characteristics, but also in the particular context of the industrial conditions you are working in, such as food grade processes and high temperatures.

      Key components of UV disinfection systems      

      • Irradiation chamber: a robust 316L chamber with compact footprint
      • UV water disinfection lamps: protected by high grade quartz sleeves, transmitting the highest amount of UV light.
      • Wiper: automatic or manual cleaning device cleans the lamps ‘online’ without interruption.
      • UV Sensor: integrated, calibrated UV sensor ensuring the right UV doses all the time.
      • Temperature control: continuously measures the water temperature.

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      Download UV water disinfection documentation

      • Brochure Demitec UV Disinfection

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      • PDS Demitec Gammaline UV GS110

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      • PDS Demitec Gammaline UV GS115

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      Why use Demitec® UV water disinfection systems?

      • Easy installation

      • Regular maintenance without tools

      • Stainless steel 316

      • Reliable & proven technology

      • 50/60 Hz available

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