Water that looks good and tastes great. Whether for drinking or for industrial processes, water needs to be treated in the required way to ensure the quality, taste and hardness are suitable for your situation.     

Another reason for conditioning your water supply may be the prevention of limescale or corrosion: keep your valuable water supply system in perfect shape!

Water conditioning

Depending on your situation, the conditioning required for your water can simply be the removal of limescale or chlorine from tap water using chemicals, neutralising filters or softener units. However, more complex treatments can be required too, such as altering pH values or sewage treatment.


Our Hadex chlorination product is a recognised, approved and safe product for use in your water processes. If you would like to automate the dosing of your chlorination product, then we can help you with regular and reliable chlorine dosing solutions

Cleaning chemicals: protect your membranes and water system        

If you would like to preserve your membranes and ensure their optimal performance, options may include adding membrane-protecting additives, using biodegradable water treatment materials or water stabilisers. It all depends on your situation, the quality of the source water and a number of other factors.

We are experienced in finding customised water treatment solutions for any kind of environment; please rely on us to help you find the right kind of condition for your water!

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  • Most common non-conformities

    Whenever drinking water seems to have an abnormal smell, taste or colour, any of the following problems may have occurred: 

    - Sedimentation, corrosion, biofouling

    - Irregularities showing up in analyses

    - Physical, chemical and/or biological contamination

    - System failure

    - Equipment wear

    - Membrane fouling

    Unsure what the cause of your drinking water problem may be? Contact us for support. 

  • Our water quality service contract

    Should you wish for us to constantly monitor your water quality and provide you with all required reports and analysis paperwork, then please check out the advantages of signing up for our water quality service contract. It offers reduced rates for sampling and analysis services. Contact us to find our more!

  • Potable water manuals - WHO required!

    All relevant data in one clear overview? In our potable water manual, we will assemble all relevant data for you, so you will always be able to quickly consult the right kind of documentation. It includes procedures for planning, preparing and performing your water related procedures. Potable water manuals are required to be present and in use on your vessel according to the Ship Sanitation guidelines of the World Health Organisation. 

  • Shock treatment: when is it required?

    A shock treatment is an emergency procedure which requires adding an elaborate amount of disinfectant to your drinking water system. Should circumstances such as water pollution demand such drastic measures, then our consultants will help you safely through the process. Contact them by either E-mail or telephone whenever you suspect a shock treatment may be needed.  

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Key specifications

  • Avoid corrosion

  • Improve water taste

  • Optimal efficiency for closed circuit systems

  • Water softening for hot water skids and calorifiers