Water, essential for all life, can be a major source of infection and illnesses. Bacteria, algae and other micro-organisms can grow extremely quickly in water. Just like food, water deteriorates.    

When stored on board, water is prone to fouling and bacterial growth. In order to prevent this and keep your water supply, crew and passengers safe, upgrade your water storage and distribution system with drinking water disinfection technologies such as Ultra Violet water disinfection, Copper/Silver ionisation or our Hadex drinking water disinfectant and chlorination. For larger of more complex installations, one water disinfectant technology is often insufficient. Combine drinking water filter systems and technologies for additional water treatment and healthy working conditions, complying with health regulations such as NIPH, MLC etcetera. 

Ultraviolet drinking water disinfection     

  • Proven, chemical-free and sustainable drinking water filter system for killing pathogens
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Reliable and proven water disinfection for challenging water conditions
  • Combat potentially dangerous pathogens, including Cryptosporidium and Giardia

Copper/Silver ionisation disinfection of water       

  • Disinfection water treatments that are effective in hot as well as cold water
  • Dosing proportionally to water flow
  • Highly effective water disinfection method for complex distribution systems
  • Drinking water filter systems that clean heavily corroded and contaminated piping
  • 100% effective against Legionella 

Hygiene on board: Hadex drinking water disinfection and chlorination  

Water disinfection solutions tailored to your situation     

Rely on our vast expertise for advice on the solution, product and water disinfection technologies most suitable for your situations and requirements. Our drinking water experience spans well over 100 years!

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Drinking water disinfection documentation

  • Brochure Demitec UV Disinfection

    Download brochure (PDF - 3,5 MB)

  • Brochure Hadex Drinking Water Disinfectant

    Download our brochure (PDF)

  • PDS Demitec Gammaline UV GS110

    Download datasheet (PDF - 1,6 MB)

  • PDS Demitec Gammaline UV GS115

    Download datasheet (PDS - 950 KB)


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  • 5000+ installations globally

    Your wishes are our number one priority. With our extensive experience spanning over five thousand global projects, we can advise you on sustainable water disinfection solutions and supply the right products, spare parts or services. 

  • Most common non-conformities

    Whenever drinking water seems to have an abnormal smell, taste or colour, any of the following problems may have occurred: 

    - Sedimentation, corrosion, biofouling

    - Irregularities showing up in analyses

    - Physical, chemical and/or biological contamination

    - System failure

    - Equipment wear

    - Membrane fouling

    Unsure what the cause of your drinking water problem may be? Contact us for support. 

  • Is additional sampling required for my region?

    Our drinking water sampling consultants operate around the globe, using the Ship Sanitation guidelines (WHO) as a standard. However, certain maritime regions require additional tests. 

    Unsure about compliance issues for specific regions? Our experienced consultants are happy to advise you about water disinfection.

  • Potable water manuals - WHO required!

    All relevant data in one clear overview? In our potable water manual, we will assemble all relevant data for you, so you will always be able to quickly consult the right kind of documentation. It includes procedures for planning, preparing and performing your water related procedures. Potable water manuals are required to be present and in use on your vessel according to the Ship Sanitation guidelines of the World Health Organisation. 

  • Preliminary risk assessments

    Whenever you are in need of consultancy services on piping and system layout for new builds, our water quality department can offer you our extensive experience and expert advice on this particular subject. After all, a properly designed drinking water system is the basic requirement for clean and healthy water on board, and prevention of threats such as Legionella. 

    Relevant for: ship owners or designers as well as ship yards

  • Risk assessments

    Our risk assessments include an inventory of possible risks for the quality of the complete water treatment on board. It is followed up by an improvement plan and a management plan. 

  • Service agreement outline
    • Checks with relevant staff
    • Administrative checks (PI&D)
    • Operational running check against specs
    • Administrative & operational check
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Calibration of instrumentation
    • (Chemical) membrane cleaning
    • Operational and maintenance training
    • Spare parts inventory & advice
    • Maintenance report including all details

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