Water filter housings

When you are searching for the perfect water filter housings for your water system, durability is essential and so is easy access. Our range of quality water filter housings are easy to access in case any servicing is required. They have been selected for their performance and durability in challenging maritime conditions.

Water filter housing applications    

Use our water filter housings for single or serial points. For large-capacity filtration needs, choose an extra large water filter housing from Big Blue for an efficient solution which requires less vessels.  

Easy to access and maintain whenever required, our reliable and strong water filter housings will not let you down in your operational efficiency.

Cartridge filter housing options   

Choose from sturdy materials such as stainless steel or durable plastics. For high temperatures and pressure, glass fibre reinforces popropylene housings will provide superior resistance and corrosion resistance.  

The water filter housings are suitable for holding all types of cartridges. 

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Download our water filter housing documentation

  • PDS Filter housing model 113

    Download datasheet (PDF - 507 KB)

  • PDS Filter housing model 213

    Download datasheet (PDF - 504 KB)

  • PDS Demitec cartridge filter housings

    Download datasheet (PDF - 2,69 MB)