Water filter media

Looking for water filter media for your particular water installation? We stock different types of top quality water filter media and are happy to advise you on the perfect water filter media for your situation. 

Our sand and gravel filter media is ideal for sewater filtration, and consists of 100% natural silica. Refined water filter media, quality checked by our own professionals and prepared to be ready for use: washed and heated, free of clay, dust, organic matter or any other kind of pollution.

Sand and gravel water filter media    

A gravel or sand water filter is the perfect filtration medium for treatment and filtration of seawater, but can be used for other types of water filtration as well. Add sand filter media to your water supply system for filtration of potable water, or for sand filter water treatment of groundwater, swimming pool waste, or even for waste water and sewage water.

Why use sand and gravel filter media

  • Sanitised material
  • Sizes to all international standards
  • 100% natural silica

Other filtration media types     

In addition, we stock and supply filter media which are more suitable for other types of applications: 

  • Activated carbon filter media: for removal of chlorine, chloramines, desinfection py products and other compounds which impact water colour, taste and odour. 
  • Athracite filter media: for single or dual layer purification of all kinds of water, including potable, waste, sea, brackish, process or swimming pool water.
  • Cation Anion mixbed resin: for production of demineralied water free of silica and carbon dioxide.
  • EWT compound filter media: for neutralising or mineralising filtration placed after an Reverse Osmosis or evaporator water maker.
  • Dolomite minerals: for filtration and processing drinking water: to increase the pH value of the purified water after a Reverse Osmosis system.