Our test kits make water quality monitoring easy. Our product range includes different types of kits, suitable for specific environments and situations. Use our kits in order to ensure your compliance with regulations such as MLC and NIPH/NMA.   

Which test kit do you need? 

Our product range includes test kits for different environments and water qualities. For use in maritime or offshore environments, for checking boiler or cooling water or for example for checking Legionella in your drinking water system, just to name a few. 

Not sure which test kit would suit you best? Contact our consultants for advice on use and application of these reliable and user friendly water quality tools. Submit the enquiry form describing your situation or contact us using the information listed on the right hand side of the page. 

Regular sampling: water quality testing    

Make sure you comply with applicable health and safety regulations with our water sampling services. Order our self-sampling kits (when access should be limited) or book a personal visit from our sampling professionals. Contact us for more information and visit the water quality testing page to read more about this subject.  

Learn more about water quality monitoring

  • Which water testing options are available (Ship Sanitation – WHO)?

    Does one of our standard test options suffice or do you need a bacteriological examination? Water testing is required by the Ship Sanitation guidelines of the WHO, but in different regions you may need to comply with additional drinking water related regulations. Unsure about compliance issues for specific regions? Our experienced consultants are happy to advise you accordingly.   

    In addition to an analysis of the different bacteria resident in the water, we can identify bacteria such as Coliform, E.coli or intestinal enterococci and make sure everything is properly documented for you.

  • Is additional sampling required for my region?

    Our drinking water sampling consultants operate around the globe, using the Ship Sanitation guidelines (WHO) as a standard. However, certain maritime regions require additional tests. 

    Unsure about compliance issues for specific regions? Our experienced consultants are happy to advise you about water disinfection.

  • Can I measure the quality of demineralised water?

    You can measure the quality of demineralised water yourself using our water quality test kits.

  • Risk assessments

    Our risk assessments include an inventory of possible risks for the quality of the complete water treatment on board. It is followed up by an improvement plan and a management plan. 

  • When should I use a do-it-yourself water test kit?

    In certain circumstances you may need to carry out the water examination by yourself. Specifically for this purpose, you can use one of our test kits. You will find an overview of our range of test kits on the All products web page, in the Monitoring category

    Need advice on which test kit you need or having doubts about how to tackle this issue? Our water quality specialists are here to help you out. 

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Key specifications

  • NIPH / MLC compliance

  • Rapid and accurate monitoring

  • Compact, durable and reliable

  • No calibration or buffer solutions required