Legionella awareness training

Prevent system and crew downtime; brush up your knowledge on Legionella. Get to (better) understand the principles of water treatment and identifying critical components and potential hazards. This will raise your general level of awareness and help you make the right choices for your onboard water processing solutions.

Training on Legionella threats     

An outbreak of bacterial contamination can cause serious illness and result in operational downtime. As with all potential threats, prevention is always better than a cure. We're happy to share our extensive knowledge about Legionella with you in this short yet in-depth course.

When things go wrong...

Legionnaires’ disease was first associated with a ship as far back as 1977. Most incidents on board have been linked to vessels’ water systems and air-conditioning systems. However, in most cases the infection source and/or mode of transmission were hard to establish. Since crew and passengers disembark at different locations or stay in a hotel before or after the voyage, it is rather difficult to pinpoint the vessel as the actual source.

Onboard conditions stimulate Legionella growth      

Vessels are vulnerable for contaminations due to a number of common onboard conditions:
• Water temperature between 25 and 45 °C
• Stagnation (dead ends, un-used tap points, etc)
• Corrosion and nutrients such as iron or zinc
• Long and complex piping networks 

So, how do you handle an outbreak or indeed prevent one? Learn about these and other topics in our course, at a time and place of your own convenience. Get your Legionella knowledge up to date:  

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