Potable Water Course

Training options for water management courses     

Staff responsible for health and safety and water related issues should be trained in their knowledge on potable water issues and hazard prevention. Our water management courses are highly interactive and informative and can be tailored to your requirements.

The standard course is organised several times per year, in Rotterdam. In-house training can be ordered at your convenience and location, tailored to the knowledge level of your staff. 

What our courses offer you:

  • Compliance with NIPH and Ship Sanitation regulations

  • Experienced trainers

  • Water treatment solutions

  • Disinfection principles

  • Awareness of health risks

  • Testing and analysis understanding

Learn more

  • What to expect from our potable water course?

    Our water quality experts share their extensive knowledge about all matters related to water conditioning, hygiene and prevention of potential health threats. Learn all about setting up and managing a properly functioning water system.

  • Why follow the course?

    Apart from making sure you meet compliance requirements (NIPH, MLC, Ship Sanitation and so on), following the course enables you to early recognise potential health risks or problems and act adequately.

  • Who should attend our potable water course?

    This particular course is relevant for all maritime and offshore professionals involved in water management and/or treatment, including engineers, super intendents, medics, health & safety managers, asset managers, ship designers and so on.

  • Course outline

    The Potable Water Course programme covers a wide range of subjects, including water management and risk assessment guidelines, water production and treatment principles. In addition, you will learn to identify critical components and risk points as well as required maintenance procedures.

Ratings of our water treatment course

  • “Trainers and instructions are very helpful and practically minded!”
    - USG Energy
  • “The course helps to give a better understanding of the many aspects of water”
    - Chevron
  • “The Potable Water Course gave all required information”
    - Dana Petroleum
  • “Interaction with specialists”
    - Heerema Marine Contractors