Water management plan

Prevention is always better than a cure! Make sure your water is managed properly with our water management plan. Reduce downtime and increase operational efficiency by following the right procedures.  

Our drinking water management plan includes your water quality risk assessment as well as guidelines for the operation, maintenance and control of your potable water system. 

Water safety plan     

Rely on our 100+ years of water expertise and let us assist you in outlining the complete procedures for your water system. All relevant data in one water quality management plan! The procedures apply to the planning, preparation and performance of your operations, all in accordance with applicable regulations.

Over the last 30 years, we have made water safety plans for clients around the world, from super yachts and cargo vessels to complex offshore structure. 

Preliminary risk assessment   

A preliminary risk assessment is based on the P&ID and other ship drawings. Our consultancy services assist and advise ship designers and yards on the specific piping and system lay-out for newbuilds in order to ensure good water quality, in compliance with applicable regulations.  

Risk assessments    

When carrying out a risk assessment, we create an inventory of all possible risks related to drinking water quality and the drinking water piping system. Our water quality experts check the complete water system, from production to consumption, as represented in your system drawings and the actual on board situation. During the inspection, potential risk areas present on board are assessed. The standard risk assessment also includes plans for improvement and management of your water system. 

Water treatment courses      

Register for our water treatment courses and upgrade your water management knowledge, in our standard course or customised in-house training sessions. Our water quality experts share their knowledge and experience in theoretical and practical sessions. Our water treatment courses are relevant for all staff responsible for water safety issues. Topics include procedures for the prevention of system polution and potential health threats such as Legionella.