Water is used onboard your vessel for a number of applications. Keep crew and passengers healthy and safe by properly managing your water production systems.

Water sampling wherever and whenever you need it   

Regular water sampling by our water quality testing experts ensures your business remains up and running. It also helps you comply with applicable Health & Safety regulations for the region your vessel is located in.

With years of experience around the globe, our water quality testing professionals are offshore trained and at home anywhere in the world. In addition to water sampling duties, they are also happy to assist you with further water quality related matters such as cleaning and disinfection solutions and troubleshooting issues.

Sampling services    

Our sampling services include assessments of the chemical, microbiological and physical water condition as well as the identification of possible health risks signalled in the analisys reports.

Self-sampling kits

We have configured self-sampling test kits, which allow your crew to take samples themselves, limiting the amount of people coming on board. We provide you with clear instructions and arrange the samples to be analysed worldwide. Our team is ready to report you on the results asap. The current international health crisis is affecting yours and our normal operating business in a profound way. Although drinking water is considered safe from the corona virus, there are still important measures concerning drinking water hygiene we can support you with. Read more about this service.

Water quality consultants     

In both our Schiedam and Singapore offices, the water quality testing teams consist of sampling technicians as well as consultants. Our water quality consultants can provide you with the best advise on water management plans and quality assessments as well as training options for all professionals responsible for water quality on board.

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  • When should you contact us for water analysis?

    Regulations require continuous testing of your water quality. Make sure you book a sampling session in due time, so you will meet these requirements and can do so at a convenient moment. In addition, feel free to contact us in case of any water quality emergency.

  • Which water testing options are available (Ship Sanitation – WHO)?

    Does one of our standard test options suffice or do you need a bacteriological examination? Water testing is required by the Ship Sanitation guidelines of the WHO, but in different regions you may need to comply with additional drinking water related regulations. Unsure about compliance issues for specific regions? Our experienced consultants are happy to advise you accordingly.   

    In addition to an analysis of the different bacteria resident in the water, we can identify bacteria such as Coliform, E.coli or intestinal enterococci and make sure everything is properly documented for you.

  • Is additional sampling required for my region?

    Our drinking water sampling consultants operate around the globe, using the Ship Sanitation guidelines (WHO) as a standard. However, certain maritime regions require additional tests. 

    Unsure about compliance issues for specific regions? Our experienced consultants are happy to advise you about water disinfection.

  • When should I use a do-it-yourself water test kit?

    In certain circumstances you may need to carry out the water examination by yourself. Specifically for this purpose, you can use one of our test kits. You will find an overview of our range of test kits on the All products web page, in the Monitoring category

    Need advice on which test kit you need or having doubts about how to tackle this issue? Our water quality specialists are here to help you out. 

  • Which kind of inspection or examination do I need: Legionella, Biological, Physical-chemical or Chemical?

    The Legionella bacteria can cause serious health problems. It grows in stagnant and warm water and is a rather common phenomena onboard, unfortunately. Regular sampling will make sure Legionella is detected at an early stage and can be treated quickly.

    Does the drinking water onboard your vessel have an abnormal odour, appearance or taste? If it does, you may need a physical-chemical examination, during which several (in)organic parameters are analysed such as salts and metals. Contact us for advice on the appropriate procedure.    

    Should you detect a rather chemical taste or odour to your drinking water, then a chemical examination (Hydrocarbons) would be needed in order to quickly determine the presence of volatile organic substances such as solvents or other chemicals. 

    Should you need further help, please contact our consultants directly either by E-mail or telephone: +31 10 409 1200. To read more about our support options for water quality issues, please visit our dedicated web pages.