Greenhouse drain water becomes irrigation water   

Project partner: PB Techniek     

In Bleiswijk, right in the heart of the fruit and vegetable growing Westland region, the highly innovative AquaReUse water recycling installation is situated. Eleven crop producers use this installation for the purification of their waste water, which is then efficiently turned into irrigation water. Around 75 percent of their waste water can be recycled this way, using a number of filtration methods. The AquaReUse project is a Dutch initiative, and the first of such large scale enclosed water recycling projects worldwide. It has been developed by water specialist Aqua Terra-Nova. 

Koen Brabander, of our installation partner PB Techniek: "We worked together with Hatenboer-Water for the membrane filtration step in the water purification process. Given how the feed water for this RO installation is so different from the rather constant water quality we normally work with, it really helped us to be able to consult Hatenboer-Water’s expertise in this area. Together, we were able to fine tune the required pre-filtration process and bring this project to a successful end result.”   

Recycling around 75 percent of waste water: water innovation with real impact! 

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Strategic partnerships are vital for bringing such ground breaking projects to a fruitful closure. PB Techniek is a highly valued project partner for us.  

Ellen Merk
Sales Engineer
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