Cost-effective solutions for chemical tankers

On a chemical tanker, as on many other maritime vessels, efficiency in terms of space and the use of resources is an important issue. Choosing one of our reverse osmosis installations rather than bunkering demineralised water, our client went for a drinking water installation that can serve another purpose as well: producing demineralised water for tank cleaning.    

Producing drinking water and demineralised water from one source 

Flexible unit design makes it possible to switch from demineralised to single pass mode in order to produce potable water. Our client's Project Manager: “Previously, we needed to use bunkered water or produce additional heat for the production of demineralised water, which are both expensive measures. By installing a reverse osmosis water maker we are no longer dependent on waste heat from our engines, gaining flexibility and reducing costs”.

Produce demineralised water you need for cleaning your chemical tanks before loading new chemicals with the same system as for potable water.

A saving on operational costs as well as on space

Sieger Sakko
Account Manager Maritime Projects
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