Reaching far, staying personal

Operating in different markets around the world requires a thorough understanding of cultural differences and business ethics. Reliable strategic partnerships across the continents are of great value when entering a new market or working with a new client in a different part of the world.

From our office in Singapore, we work with clients located in countries in the Far East as well as Australasia. Since the cultural differences between these countries are significant, local business partners add important insights. Vincent van Varik, Managing Director of Hatenboer-Water Asia, gives his point of view:

‘Being located in Singapore provides us the opportunity to be closer to our clients as well as making sure that we are better equipped to provide our services according to the local need and customs. Business in the region is fast paced, requiring quick responses and from-stock deliveries. Despite this, personal contact is still key, allowing us to go into detail about the benefits of working with Hatenboer-Water as an experienced partner and the technical intricacies of the systems we supply.

It is crucial to understand that our working area is vast and differences within the region are significant. This is why we set up a network of exclusive partners at strategic locations all over the region. These well trained companies are able to maintain stock of our most used spares and consumables and provide technical support for our water treatment projects, while speaking the language of the client. By working this way, we are able to provide the entire Hatenboer-Water scope from production to consumption catered to the local business requirements and standards’.

Rely on our 100+ years of experience for your technical and water quality support.

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Personal contact is crucial, and together with our local strategic partners we make sure we are close to you - where ever you are 

Vincent van Varik
Managing Director Asia
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