How we work

The way we conduct our business at Hatenboer-Water reflects our corporate principles. Our fundamental beliefs include respect for the environment and persons around us as well as responsibility in the broadest sense of the word.

In order to understand the way our corporate principles truly link to our business ethos, we need to look into our past. All the way back to 1906, to be precise. This is the year our company was founded by Captain D. Hatenboer. He started off his enterprise on a small scale, supplying fresh water to seagoing vessels in the port of Rotterdam. Over the years, the Hatenboer enterprise expanded by adding product innovations that contribute to more sustainable ways of producing and re-using precious drinking water.

Why is this so important to us   

Consider for a moment the enormous personal and economic impact of inferior water quality. Imagine for example the effect of bacterial contamination of water used for consumption on a cruise ship or for the production of beverages in a factory. Apart from the health hazards and reputational damage, the costs of the resulting down-time are disastrous.  

Meaningful partnerships    

We believe the best way to support you in your safe water management is by being your full water partner. Meaning we will advise you from the start of your design or planning on the optimal solution for your specific situation. Subsequently we will support you with all your water issues anywhere around the globe, 24/7.

How do we do this?    

By thinking along with you and looking forward. Rely on our in-house engineering teams, R&D, modern workshop and support teams in our Water Quality and Service departments as well as worldwide stocks and components ready to be shipped out to you.

The spirit of our founder can still be felt in each of the organisation’s divisions: a constant quest for the optimal solution, technologically and economically. 

With the same commitment that Captain D. Hatenboer Sr. showed in 1906 and throughout his lifetime. Keeping you, our customer, as our very first priority.

Willem Buijs
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