Our business relation with Damen spans many years and a wide range of projects in various maritime industries. Working closely together on the water system for new ship designs, we have been able to add our expertise and insights. From naval projects to support vessels and special assignments in between.

Water equipment for ARM REFORMADOR      

We are proud we have been selected as Damen’s equipment supplier for one of its latest vessel designs: the ARM REFORMADOR (POLA-MX). Fresh and healthy drinking water is an essential provision on board of this naval vessel, operating in the coastal waters off Mexico. Its equipment is subject to the same requirements as for the other Sigma navy vessels regarding durable, shock proof designs for self-supporting operations. Upon completion of the installation, one of our service colleagues trained the operators in the proper use and maintenance of the water production and distribution installation.   

Damen: “Longstanding relationships between suppliers in the maritime industry add value to projects, in particular to more complex undertakings. It is important for us to be able to rely on specialized parties when it comes to the uniformity and high performance of water treatment installations.”

We believe in building lasting and complete relationships by providing Damen with well-engineered products and supporting them around the globe.

We’re here to consult and support Damen. Anytime and anywhere.

Bart Friso
Sales Engineer
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