Jumbo vessels travel the global seas for a variety of heavy lift shipping and offshore transportation and installation projects. While out at sea, potable water on board is susceptible to pollution and contamination in the storage tanks and pipes. Recognising this is an important issue, Jumbo sought the advice of our water quality team. Our water quality experts drafted up a water management plan and advised them on the best course of action.

In control

Jumbo contact person Jeroen van Kralingen:“Our  agreement with Hatenboer-Water focuses on control and prevention, and includes regular parameter checks as well as sampling.  It applies to the whole fleet, wherever they may be on the globe, so we keep a good overview this way. Close and weekly monitoring of the log sheets enables us to take corrective action quickly whenever required. In this instance, prevention is so much better than finding a cure.”

Martin Storm, Teamleider Consultancy at Hatenboer-Water: "I am glad to be Jumbo’s partner in this process and to experience their relief about the fact that they are in complete and stress free control of their water management".

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Water quality management is a basic condition for a healthy living and working environment.

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Helping out our client getting to grips with their water issues is so rewarding!

Martin Storm
Manager Water Quality team
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