Salmon farmers are plagued by parasites attacking their precious livestock. Hatenboer-Water has developed a water unit using a reverse osmosis purification process specifically for the prevention of this problem, helping salmon farmers keep their ponds fresh and fish healthy.

Local partnership

Our Norwegian partner Akvo AS rents out these units, and assists Hatenboer-Water locally. Bjorn Erik Johnsen from AKVO explains why our reverse osmosis water treatment installations offer just the right kind of solution for this problem: ”We have contacted Hatenboer-Water because we saw potential cooperation chances in the fish farm industry.

In order to supply the farms with the equipment we needed, we had to be able to rely on high quality and robust equipment suitable for remote areas. We set up the project together with Hatenboer-Water and now it is turning out to be a fruitful partnership with great potential.”

The Salmon market grows at an impressive rate and needs the right kind of equipment to keep it going, no matter what the environment or conditions.

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Having a local expert as our partner in this interesting and promising market adds an enormous value to both clients and ourselves

Koert van Leeuwen
Sales Engineer
Koert van Leeuwen, Sales Engineer Hatenboer-Water