Responding to water supply problems resulting from hurricane Irma, our service professionals flew out to the Caribbean island of St. Martin with our project partner DWP. Installing emergency water makers that can desalinate sea water into safe potable water, our colleagues spent their time and energy helping out the disaster stricken locals.

Determination in the face of destruction

Our service colleague Jan Zwiers gives his story about the events on site: “The amount of destruction we encountered upon arrival was enormous. First off, we assisted with repairs of water mains and other infrastructure damaged by the hurricane. Since our water maker installations were delivered complete, we were quickly able to install them. And after some adjustments and settings for the specific local circumstances able to start distributing clean water to the locals in need”.

Whenever the need arises, our complete mobile water makers are quickly supplied, installed and put into operation.

Containerised solutions

Our technical service team is used to assisting clients around the globe. For all kinds of projects, but also for unexpected situations such as assistance in disaster relief.

Leon Renes
Global Service Manager
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