Quooker came to us searching for a water treatment solution for their mobile demo units that matches their high quality standard.

They demonstrate their boiling taps at different trade shows throughout Europe, but local water quality varies greatly. Since no such product existed yet, we engineered and built a unit specifically for them.

Innovative thinking

Glad to find a water partner with know-how, experience and the right engineering power, Quooker has used two of the units at a number of shows.

Quooker’s Stefan Mesker:“Now we can make sure the displays reflect our own high standards in product engineering and quality. We have by now used both modules constantly and find them to be a real asset for our trade show displays.”

Flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs; our experience and expertise in finding the right configuration for our clients spans many decades.

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An interesting example of how you try to find a perfect fit for your clients and end up developing a new product concept.

Roger Suisse
Sales & trade department
Hatenboer-Water Sales Engineer Roger Suisse