X100 Filter housings

The X100 standing filter housings are strong, lightweight and economical. Resistant to a wide range of chemicals for a wide range of industrial applications, the X100 filter is considered to be a heavy duty sediment filtration system.

The X100 has a 'clean wall' design, a smooth interior surface that allows faster, easier manual cleaning or in place flushing.

The Polyloc® seal point of the filter bags and the cartridges filters creates a positive seal and eliminates the chance of fluid by-pass.

Because the X100 is top loaded with a specially developed threaded lid and gasket, filter bags & elements can be changed without additional tools for tightening.

Designed to accept either a bag filter or a cartridge filter, the X100 filter housing allows you to choose the filter media and construction to precisely fit your filtering needs.

Why use X100 filter housings

  • High capacity sediment filter

  • X100 bag and cartridges are FDA compliant

  • Lightweight and chemically resistant

  • No fluid by-pass

  • Easy access for manual cleaning or in-place flushing