Cleanroom Boers & Co reduces hidden costs to zero

As their company name clearly indicates: Boers & Co Precisions Solutions has to control the entire chain of production. For that reason, Hatenboer-Water delivered a reverse osmosis installation that produces demineralized water with which the cleaning module of Boers rinses the precision equipment thoroughly without leaving any residue.


Boers & Co has a state-of-the-art cleaning installation to further guarantee cleanliness in its business processes. “You don’t have to wash off any pollution that doesn’t get on your product.” says CEO Ronald Koot van Boers & Co, “For our customers, we not only need to know all process parameters, but also control and predict them.” Hatenboer-Water COO Carel Aeijelts Averink adds: ”In our conversations we quickly learned cleaning of instruments at Boers requires the same precision as its manufacturing processes. Since water contains elements, tap water is not sufficient. Apart from the fact that the composition is not constant.“

Hidden costs

The new demineralized water maker system delivers the right quality and the right capacity with which Boers can meticulously manage the cleaning processes. This investment by Boers eliminates costs further down the production process as well as they even further extend the lifespan of the products manufactured for their customers.


Again, for Hatenboer-Water the parameters that were necessary to come to the correct feed water for the cleaning installation were decisive. The first step in the configuration for Boers & Co is, as is often the case, a water softening unit that removes the hardness, ie calcium and magnesium, from the feed water. Subsequently, a compact reverse osmosis installation was chosen. The water is pressed through a membrane under high pressure, after which almost all the remaining minerals are filtered out of the water. Remaining minerals are stopped in the last filtration step by the Demiflow filter system that Hatenboer-Water has used. The final product water now contains a quality of less than 1 µS/cm and is therefore suitable for use by Boers & Co.

Averink: ”The installation was recently put into use to the satisfaction of the customer and that is our requirement, a satisfied relationship. We think it’s wonderful that this one is running nearby in the Netherlands. But don’t forget that organizations like Boers & Co, where quality is leading, also mean great projects for us. In these cases we can show our expertise. We also supply dozens of ‘standard’ installations per year from stock, but these are the best.”

Boers & Co has been creating technical solutions since 1895. With now more than 125 years of knowledge and experience, they aim for the very best quality. Boers & Co controls the entire chain of production, including the logistical processes. As they are continuously developing, they expect that their clients and suppliers aim for quality with the same passion. With the best possible result as the common purpose.

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