At Hatenboer-Water, you will find a wide range of disinfection technologies. Our disinfection technologies: Hadex® drinking water disinfectant, Demitec Ultra Violet (UV) and Chlorination.

Disinfection solutions, keep safety at the highest level

Water is sensitive to fouling and bacterial growth. Prevent this and keep your water supply safe and of constant quality; upgrade your water storage and distribution system with drinking water disinfection technologies such as:

Water, essential for life

The importance of water to life is self-evident. However, water is also one of the major sources of infection, and the cause of many forms of illness. Bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms can grow extremely quickly in water, and just like food, water deteriorates. The safety of drinking water aboard ships and rigs cannot be taken for granted. Drinking water treated with Hadex® remains fit for consumption.


Hatenboer-Water offers under the Hadex® brand:

  1. Hadex® drinking water disinfectant; available in 1, 2.5, 10, and 25-liter polycans.
  2. Hadex® dosing units; a wide range of dosing units.

Our products, Disinfection


Hadex® drinking water disinfectant for the maritime and offshore markets, designed to ensure the safety of your drinking water!...

Demitec® Betaline (BL/BM) UV Series

Hatenboer-Water provides an adaptable Ultra Violet water treatment and disinfection system. Ensure the safety of your drinking water by...

Demitec® GammaLine (GS) UV Series

Back Demitec® GammaLine (GS) UV Series The GammaLine UV series is a low-cost, high-quality, and single-lamp UV system. The...

Demitec NIPH-approved UV water disinfection

When operating within the waters of the Norwegian continental shelf, you need to comply with the Norwegian Institute of...

Chlorinating tablets: TS90

AquaChlorine TS-90 is a high-quality trichloroisocyanuric acid in 20 and 200-gram tablets, with an available active chlorine content of...

Chlorination tablets: TS70

3-6 m³ of fresh water / day for unmanned platforms, short sea or fishing vessels, patrol boats, tugs, barges.

Chlorinating Hadex dosing units

Secure your drinking water system with a fully automatic flow-controlled Hadex® Dosing Unit. Our Hadex® disinfection treatment reduces and...

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