Hot and Cold Water

Hatenboer-Water can provide your complete cold drinking water and hot water supply on board. From production to tap point.

Hatenboer-Water designs and produces your desired cold drinking water and hot water supply on board. From production to tap point. Plug and play hot and cold water modules including:

  • Interconnecting piping
  • Wiring
  • Pumps
  • Disinfection
  • Hydrophore
  • Cartridge filters
  • Hot water calorifiers

Naturally, all equipment can also be supplied as separate items (not skid-built).

Full service partner

You know the number of your crew and/or passengers on board and how many cabins are located on the decks. On the other side, we know how much water and what pressure you need to supply drinking water and hot water at all tap points. Water that is suitable for consumption. If requested, we can even integrate the required disinfection technology into the skid. Another reason why Hatenboer-Water is regarded as a full-service partner.

Hatenboer offers the following Skid-based Hot & Cold Water modules which comprise one or more of the following components:

Hydrophore systems

Loss of pressure or insufficient pressure at certain places in your fresh water supply on board is unpleasant and inefficient. It can even cause serious problems for your galley equipment or industrial appliances. Fortunately, using the right kind of hydrophore system will prevent such unwelcome situations.

Our products, Hot and cold water

Grundfos pumps: CR,CRI,CRN,CRT E

CR, CRI, CRN, CRT, CRE range are multistage and energy efficient centrifugal pumps with superior reliability, for capacity demands...

Conventional membrane tanks

Conventional membrane tanks with integrated internal circulation – up to volumes of 3000 litres. Perfect for large flows, with...

Hot water supply/calorifiers

Back Hot water supply/Calorifiers Are you looking for efficient and certified calorifiers that you can rely on? Calorifiers that...

Backflow preventers BA

Water is distributed throughout the ship and is not only consumed by the crew, but also by water fed...

Pressure sets

Our hydrophore units control the water pressure in your water supply system. This way, you can be sure water...

Grundfos pressure boosting systems

3-6 m³ of fresh water / day for unmanned platforms, short sea or fishing vessels, patrol boats, tugs, barges.

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