Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Ensure safe drinking water on board your ship. Produce safe drinking water through desalination of seawater using our Reverse Osmosis maritime fresh water generators.


Easy to install

Best technology & Low energy use

Quick return on your investment

Maintenance friendly & Spare part list

Our products
Reverse Osmosis standard series

Reverse Osmosis; Tethys

Compact yet efficient water maker with a capacity of 3-6 m3 of water per day from seawater with any level of salinity. Due...

Reverse Osmosis; Oceanus

Our Reverse Osmosis water treatment system Oceanus produces 16-24 m³ of fresh water per day from seawater with any...

Reverse Osmosis; Proteus

Each Proteus water treatment unit produces 36-100 m3 of water per day. A durable, high quality solution for larger...

Custom built solutions

Back Custom Built Solutions Your system designed according to your specifications and the high Hatenboer-Water standards based on over...

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