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Searching for a water treatment installation for your drillship, FPSO or platform? We are your complete partner for all water related issues. Short delivery times for high quality, reliable hull or topside water installations that can comply with hazardous area regulations.

Hatenboer-Water is equipped to provide comprehensive and specialized solutions to meet the unique challenges and requirements of offshore environments. Our support revolves around providing reliable, safe, and efficient water treatment solutions that support the well-being and productivity of personnel working in the demanding and often remote conditions of offshore platforms and installations. These services play a crucial role in maintaining the overall success and safety of offshore energy operations.

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Your wishes are our number one priority. With our extensive experience spanning over a thousand global projects in the Offshore Energy market we can advise you on sustainable water disinfection solutions and supply the right products, spare parts or services. We are committed to meeting and exceeding regulatory standards for drinking water quality in offshore locations, ensuring the safety and health of personnel working on offshore vessels and platforms.

Need assistance? You can find us in the major ports around the world. Our offices in Rotterdam, Singapore, Dubai and Houston and globally operating support and consultancy professionals are happy to assist you with water quality issues or commissioning.

Rely on our extensive knowledge and experience; we are experienced in handling support issues in all kinds of environments. In addition, we can train and assist your crew at your site in order to help you achieve optimal operation and maintenance conditions. We stock crucial spare parts in all our offices.

Our international support and consultancy services related to water quality include water safety risk analyses, sampling, water analyses, water management plans and training.

Our standard installations can be delivered fast and meet the requirements for offshore applications in almost all situations. For most Offshore Energy applications specific requirements are applicable. For this we offer tailored drinking water treatment solutions that account for the specific needs and constraints of each offshore installation. Flexibility in design and implementation is crucial in offshore support.

All solutions have Energy Efficiency incorporated in the design, helping you to reduce the overall environmental footprint of offshore operations, aligning with the growing emphasis on sustainability.

Rely on our know-how and skills. Our experienced experts are here to answer your water questions. Our complete team includes sales experts, consultants, project managers, (field) engineers and production professionals, located on 4 continents.

Offshore Energy products

Reverse Osmosis; Tethys

Compact yet efficient water maker with a capacity of 3-6 m3 of water per day from seawater with any level of salinity. Due...

Reverse Osmosis; Oceanus

Our Reverse Osmosis water treatment system Oceanus produces 16-24 m³ of fresh water per day from seawater with any...

Reverse Osmosis; Proteus

Each Proteus water treatment unit produces 36-100 m3 of water per day. A durable, high quality solution for larger...

Custom built solutions

Back Custom Built Solutions Your system designed according to your specifications and the high Hatenboer-Water standards based on over...

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