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Hatenboer-Water specializes in desalination services for industrial, agricultural, and water treatment applications. Our custom-designed series, such as Tethys AgRO and the ContainRO system, deliver perfect water of consistent quality. Optimize crop yields and reuse valuable water resources.

For tailored industrial solutions based on years of experience, contact us. Discover how we can address your water treatment challenges.

Horticulture Reverse Osmosis
Tethys AgRO, Tiber & Trevi series

Good irrigation water of consistent quality is crucial for achieving high and reliable crop yields. Unfortunately, suitable feed water quality or quantity isn’t always readily available. Often, the available water has high conductivity and may carry unwanted microorganisms and particles.

Our Tethys, Trevi, and Tiber RO systems are purpose-built for the horticultural industry. They desalinate water, create a barrier against bacteria and viruses, and deliver top-quality irrigation water suitable for recirculation. Standard capacity reaches up to 75 m3/hour, and we offer tailored solutions upon request. What sets our RO systems apart is the use of high-quality components, ensuring a sustainable installation with a long lifespan. With over four decades of expertise in membrane technology, our commitment remains unwavering in providing innovative water solutions for the horticultural sector.

Advantages reverse osmosis standard: Tethys AgRO, Tiber & Trevi series

Our products, Industrial solutions

Reverse Osmosis; Tethys AgRO

Compact yet efficient water maker with a capacity up to 10m3 of water per day of quality irrigation water. Reliable and complete.

Reverse Osmosis; TREVI

Efficient water maker with a capacity of 5-30 m3/h of quality irrigation water. Reliable and complete. 

Reverse Osmosis; TIBER

Efficient water maker with a capacity of 45-75 m3/h of quality irrigation water. Reliable and complete.

ContainRO 275

Worldwide there is a growing demand for fresh water, often in remote locations without any facilities such as buildings....

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