ContainRO 275

Containerized Reverse Osmosis system for generation of potable water.

Worldwide, there is a growing demand for fresh water, often in remote locations without any facilities such as buildings. Hatenboer-Water has developed ContainRO, a containerized water treatment plant that fulfills this need. With ContainRO, seawater or brackish well water is converted into potable water, utilizing pre-filtration, Reverse Osmosis, and post-treatment (neutralization & chlorination).

The design

The design of the plant and the container layout are based on our knowledge and experience with similar systems. After arrival at the site, the container has to be installed and connected to power & feed water supply at the site*. Then commissioning can be carried out by an experienced Hatenboer-Water engineer, and the system is ready to supply potable water to consumers.

For more detailed specifications and features, please download the Product Data Sheet (PDS).

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