Custom Built Solutions

Your system designed according to your specifications and the high Hatenboer-Water standards based on over a hundred years of maritime and offshore experience.

Need solutions built to your specifications?

Next to dedicated standard product series, Hatenboer-Water provides systems and skids that are fully made to measure to meet owner demands.

As a specialist in water treatment, we are aware of the challenges you face in your drinking water system. Providing enough water of good quality under the right pressure at the correct temperature can be difficult. With our broad experience and knowledge since 1906, we supply you with custom-built solutions that have proven themselves on numerous platforms, vessels, ships, and rigs. Custom-built solutions by Hatenboer-Water are designed with sustainability and the environment in mind.

Combining technologies

In larger water systems or due to difficult conditions, one disinfectant technology often is not enough. By combining technologies, additional security will be created.

Hatenboer-Water can help you in selecting the best available technologies for your vessel, ship, or rig. Keeping in mind the regulations of the flag state or country you are operating in.

Custom-built to your specifications & conditions

In addition to our heavy-duty design that makes our systems suitable for the maritime and offshore environment, it is possible to include several design options tailored to the more extreme demands arising from the vessel or rig’s operating conditions:

Design options tailoring to the more extreme demands rising from the vessel or rigs operating conditions:

Hatenboer-Water Custom Built Solutions

  1. Reverse Osmosis
  2. Water Makers
  3. Pressure sets
  4. Hot and Cold Water Modules
  5. Disinfection Module
  6. Containerized reverse osmosis systems

Always the right solution for your application.

Hatenboer-Water carefully considers the practical situation, target organisms, and site-specific properties of your application to provide the right solution.

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