Hadex® drinking water disinfectant for the maritime and offshore markets, designed to ensure the safety of your drinking water! It helps maintain the health of your crew.

Water, essential for life

The importance of water to life is self-evident. However, water is also one of the major sources of infection, and the cause of many forms of illness. Bacteria, algae, and other micro-organisms can grow extremely quickly in water, and just like food, water deteriorates. The safety of drinking water aboard ships and rigs cannot be taken for granted. Drinking water treated with Hadex® remains fit for consumption.

Hadex® by Hatenboer-Water

  • Hadex® drinking water disinfectant; available in 1, 2.5, 10, and 25-liter polycans.
  • Hadex® dosing units; a wide range of dosing units.
Hadex® keeps the drinking water in good condition. It is food-grade and is approved as a continuous disinfectant in drinking water. Hadex® prevents water wastage and saves time, as opposed to other disinfecting agents that are harmful, dangerous, and/or difficult to dose. Because of the overall action of Hadex® in water, it also disinfects the tanks, pipelines, and all water-fed equipment. It keeps your crew healthy.
Hadex® is not only a safe, effective, and easily applied product but compared with other products, it has even more advantages.
  • It has a very long shelf life: 18 months under normal conditions (T=25°C)
  • 3 years if stored cool (T ≤6°C)
Approvals: Hadex® has been tested and approved by a number of (maritime) authorities in the Netherlands and abroad.
A range of automatic Hadex® dosing units is available. The standard Hadex® dosing units are proportionally controlled by the use of pulse-generating flow meters.
Hadex® is ready for immediate use upon delivery. Because it is a very pure, stable, and safe product, it facilitates swift and accurate dosing. As it is a liquid product that mixes quickly and easily with water, it can be added simply to the water through the filling pipe or through the tank opening. Hadex® starts disinfecting immediately, and the water is ready for consumption after a short period of only 30 minutes when applying normal dosing.

Hatenboer-Water recommends that the water be tested periodically for bacteriological quality, especially in the case of new installations or when repairs have been carried out. Hatenboer-Water can arrange worldwide sampling, analysis and reporting, which is carried out according to official standards.

Contact the Water Quality Department for more details.

Hadex® treatment is based on the proven and tested use of free chlorine in the preparation and final treatment of drinking water. Hadex® treatment combines this traditional practice with a number of important advantages, meeting the highest standards set for a drinking water disinfectant. What standards should one expect of an effective drinking water disinfectant?
  • It should swiftly destroy any harmful organisms and should remain active for a sufficiently long period.
  • It should have no adverse effects on water quality and should not allow the water to become corrosive.
  • It should be cost-effective per cubic meter of treated water.
  • It should be simple to apply.
  • It should be immediately and easily soluble in water.
Hadex® meets all these standards!
  • Hadex® is approved by DSI, DOT, NMD & other maritime authorities.
  • Hadex® has top ratings in independent tests.
  • Hadex® is safe, easy to use & immediately effective.
  • Hadex® is specially intended to disinfect drinking water tanks and pipelines.
  • Hadex® is available in packaging of 1, 2.5, 10, and 25 liters.
  • Hadex® is cost-effective.
  • Hadex® is easy to store with a long shelf life.


Hadex® has been tested and approved by a number of (maritime) authorities in the Netherlands and abroad, including:

Measure the amount of Hadex in your water

Hatenboer-Water offers a wide range of Waterlab test kits to measure the amount of active Hadex in your water. Read more

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